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Only through art can we emerge from ourselves and know what another person sees.

- Marcel Proust, Maxims

Wonder of Nature 1 自然奇趣1

Nature 1 - Animal

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It is more blessed to give than to receive.

- Bible

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Foto Albums of Animals

Animals-Water 水 棲動物
farm animal

Animals-Farm 牧養動物
zoo animal
Animals-Zoo & Wild 野生動物
honey bee
Grasshopper 蜢
Animals - Birds 飛禽
dragonfly 青蜓
Pets 寵物

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Arts without Boundary

Almost forty thousands of original photos or images created by our colleagues are now released to the pubic free of charge under our "UM Free Image License". These are only part of our portfolio but it does take us a lot of time to convert the conventional film to digital format. We've  estimated that more than ten thousand images are kept in our studio and we believe they are not just  some kind of artwork but may serve as documentation of the development of our world in the last 40 years. Just click and view.
們已把為數達四萬多張自有原創圖片以 "UM Free Image License" 自由圖像授權協定方式發佈, 我們將繼續把庫存軟片圖庫數碼化, 並增添新作以回饋公眾.