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Only through art can we emerge from ourselves and know what another person sees.

- Marcel Proust, Maxims

Hong Kong Scenery 香港景物

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It is more blessed to give than to receive.

- Bible

newly released

What is new? 最新情報

Central Old Town - Collective Memory the Good Old Days

wingli street

An awarded film bring our memory and imagination back to our good old days. Half of it is but a dream and harl of it is a reality before us. Being a spectator gazing at the outside wall of all those old buildings full of wrinkles carved by the knife of time, we're confussed.

down town

Peak 山頂
Victory Harbour 維 港
Central 中區
Tsimshatsui 尖沙咀
Ngau Tau Kok Lower Estate 09 牛下

New Town & Rural Area
鄉郊 新 市鎮

Rural and Country

West New Territories 西新界
N.E. New Territories 東北新界
Island 離島
Chuen Wan 荃灣
Sai Kung 西貢
Shatin 沙田
Taipo 大埔
South 南區

Land Mark

Landmark Building - Modern 現代地標建築
Landmark Building - Legacy 文化遺產地標建築
Amusement  遊樂景點

Cultural Legacy
cultural legacy

Chilin Temple  志蓮靜苑
Stanley 赤柱
Wongtaisin Temple 黃大仙
Polin Temple 寶蓮寺
Shekkipmei Resettlement Arrea 石蛺尾徙置區
Star Ferry 天星小輪港島碼頭
Taipo Will Tree 大埔許願樹
Yaumatei Fruit Market 油麻地果欄

Themed Photos
themed photo

Firework Performance 煙火表演
Night Scenery 夜景
TsingMa Bridge at Night 青馬夜景
Widelife Observation 生態觀賞

Arts without Boundary

Almost forty thousands of original photos or images created by our colleagues are now released to the pubic free of charge under our "UM Free Image License". These are only part of our portfolio but it does take us a lot of time to convert the conventional film to digital format. We've  estimated that more than ten thousand images are kept in our studio and we believe they are not just  some kind of artwork but may serve as documentation of the development of our world in the last 40 years. Just click and view.
們已把為數達四萬多張自有原創圖片以 "UM Free Image License" 自由圖像授權協定方式發佈, 我們將繼續把庫存軟片圖庫數碼化, 並增添新作以回饋公眾.